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The Benefits of Recessed Track Lighting

Although track lighting has been available since the 1960’s, many specifiers are unfamiliar with a new generation of LED track lighting and the flexibility of design that it offers.

Want to declutter the ceiling? Get to know recessed modular track lighting.


Although track lighting has been available since the 1960’s, many specifiers are unfamiliar with a new generation of LED track lighting and the flexibility of design that it offers, especially when a minimalistic, uncluttered ceiling is of importance.

As a popular design style, contemporary minimalism is focused on clean lines, simplicity, and uncluttered space. Lighting is one crucial element for creating a “less is more” environment. Decluttering the ceiling by using recessed track lighting can not only achieve a minimalist style but also allows the flexibility to redesign or rearrange with ease.


Below we outline the multiple considerations and benefits for using recessed track lighting, like ModuLED Stealth, in your next design project.


Precision Modular Design

The cluttered ceiling has become a thing of the past. A recessed track lighting system can integrate ambient, pendant, spot and wall wash lighting all in one system. Ceiling elements are organized in a clean and streamlined system that blends style and function. A modular design works well in a variety of ceiling heights for retail, hospitality, commercial and high-end residential applications.

MTRTS Track with Fixtures

mm1_rgbw_revVisual Appeal

Because the modular design fits like building blocks, with no screws, unsightly wires or visible track connectors, a modular recessed track system allows visual appeal coupled with flexibility of design. Recessed into the ceiling drywall, the fixtures have zero sight lines, creating an understated, reductive simplicity. Additionally, the small aperture offers a light intensity often seen with larger fixtures. As an added bonus, the track is very shallow and especially ideal for interiors with low ceiling heights.

RGBW_color_wheel_smooth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             GGB+W Color Wheel                                                                    RGB+W Color Palette

When you’re looking to set a mood, or create a custom color palette, use RGB+W in your recessed modular track lighting and control it with Bluetooth or DMX. This allows you to set scenes or create an ambient setting in your application. Color changing is especially popular in retail and hospitality settings but is often seen in corporate settings as well.

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When looking for lighting solution, seeing is believing. If you’ve never seen a modular track system, it’s worth seeking out a demo to understand the visual appeal, product options, and flexibility.


ModuLED Lighting offers free demonstrations for lighting professionals through its extensive network of lighting reps throughout the US and Canada. For information on ModuLED recessed track lighting go to To request a demo go to Stealth Demo here.



About ModuLEDmoduLED_logo_black_whiteBkgd

ModuLED is a rectilinear track and illuminated module lighting system by Liton Lighting. Liton has been a leader in Specification Grade, Commercial and Residential recessed and track lighting since 1996.

Manufactured in its 100,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles, ModuLED brings ambient, spot, and wall wash lighting together along with Exit & Emergency Lighting and Audio & Visual Technologies to create an uncluttered ceiling that is fashionable, functional as well as affordable.